Run or walk at least ONE MILE OUTSIDE every day for 4 weeks straight.
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We know it is tough to get moving in the winter, so we encourage you to join Red Coyote for the Frozen Feet Challenge. Beginning Tuesday, February 1st, bundle up and get outside to walk, run, or hike at least one mile per day for 4 weeks, OUTSIDE. No treadmills allowed. The Okie weather adds an extra element to this challenge!

Once you have completed your daily mile, log on and record it. You must have your mileage for the week logged in by EACH Sunday night of the challenge. Honor system - we trust you!

Commit to a healthier you and some Frozen Feet in 2022 with Red Coyote!

Frozen Feet FAQ

  • What if the weathers bad?

    Define "bad." We like to say there's no bad weather, only bad clothing choices. That being said, there may be days that are just too treacherous to get outside. In those cases, you will receive an email that the day is a "mulligan." Otherwise, bad weather is part of the challenge and assume it's a go! Red Coyote Running can get you outfitted comfortably for all kinds of weather...come see us or shop online!

  • What if I forget to log my miles by Sunday?

    You're out. That's part of the responsibility of the challenge, too. You can call us Mean Mommies all you want but that's the rule!

  • Aw, c'mon, I'm out just because I miss a Sunday?

    There is a method to our madness. With 500+ registrations:
    • We look at the data on Monday mornings and it helps us gauge the success of the program as it rolls along.
    • As the end gets near, the Sunday deadlines help us anticipate how many finisher gifts we will need to order, so the more people can get their miles entered on Sundays, the less chance we have of under-ordering or over-ordering. It helps us reduce waste and frustration.
    • Good news, you'll be able to view your entire log to see if you've missed a day during the week.
    • Sorry! No “the dog ate my homework” excuses!

  • I'm having trouble logging in or I forgot my password.

    No worries, you can easily reset your password here. Just enter your email address you used to register and we'll send you an email and a text message with a new password.

  • What if someone cheats?

    This is the honor system. You can only control you.

  • Can I get a sick day?

    No sick days are given. Sorry, that's also part of the challenge. (But don't be a martyr, please!)

  • Can I split up the mile?

    Nope. Do it in one effort!

  • Can I "bank" miles to use on other days?

    Nah, we aren’t a bank, we are a challenge.

  • Can I bike? What about downhill ski?

    Nope and nope. You cannot use wheels or gravity to get those miles in. (*note we will count cross-country skiing, because you gotta *werk* against gravity to keep momentum!)

  • Do you have to live in the OK area to participate?

    We'd love to spread the Frozen Feet love far and wide. Get your friends and family in other parts of the world involved; it will help with accountability. There is no shipping or delivery available for the mug.